Domain Repositories

An Ontological or Aramaic Domain Repository is a fully searchable database that contains domains that are exact match to the Repository’s Axiological Resource Descriptive Frameworks (ARDFs). Axiological valuations optimize government and institutional operations through the interoperability of Distributed Intelligence offered by Web 3. Progression of Web 3 makes it possible to achieve reliable, flexible, scalable, secure, and efficient creation and reuse of government and institutional data through Domain Repositories. The application and use of ARDFs streamline a network of Domain Repositories for the creation of Web 3 Distributed Intelligence that enables governments and institutions to model and rapidly deploy more ICT based services and decrease time to value results. The Domain Repositories are shared between government and institutional operations to provide:
  • innovative ARDF models that are based on expansion and consumption of ICT infrastructure services;
  • ICT resourced and driven civil and social engagement through reuse and redesign;
  • strengthening institutions so that they can focus on their mission and create value-based service industry the benefit citizens and business;
  • reduced operating and maintenance costs in data centers through interoperability of creating and reuse the rapid deployment of ARDF models that benefit government, institutions, citizens and business;
  • reduced paper consumption to produce ecologically driven government, institutions and business.

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