Innovative System

The core locomotive of a Knowledge Economy is the Innovative System for countries that have sufficient infrastructures. An Innovative System is a combination of technology, science, and organizations that are brought together in a unified working method. The full adoption to a Knowledge Economy sector targets rapid deployment of sustainable innovation and capital investment, which will result with certain changes in the participating country’s civil and social structures. These changes are refered to as civilization progression. The creation of the Knowledge Economy as a viable economic sector will require knowledge providers to create value-driven intellectual base essential to meet ecological, civil, and social changes.

The Innovative System harnesses its symbiotic relationship as a unified working method for knowledge production among firms, research centers, institutions, universities, think tanks, consultants, and other organizations. Based upon achievement the following criteria are the basic essentials to creating a unified working method and to be considered as an Innovative System:
  • Change and the ability to implement change.
  • Information dissemination without structured processes.
  • The system must be declarative so that non-programmers can manage and support the deployment.

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