Civilization Progression

A civilization progression is a natural occurance when there are paradigm shifts in terms of innovation that bring significant shifts in the fundamental advances for a population's life-styles. The civilization progression long-wave chart addresses these paradigm shifts in innovation and time-periods.
The long-wave chart first originates in 1940 by Austrian economist Joseph Schumpter. The Schumpter long-wave chart presents industrial growth relative to civilization progression. The revitalization of the Schumpter long-wave chart was later produced by Merrill Lynch analyst Norman Poire. Following analyst Norman Poire's representation of the Schumpter chart is Miles Davis of Project10x who provides an annual ICT industry Semantic Wave Report. Following the Schumpter long-wave chart upgrades of Poire and Davis is Robert Short's long-wave illustration withstanding by his Web 3 technological achievement.

The objective of the Schumpter long-wave chart is to present the occurrences of civilization progression. The long-wave illustration that depicts civilization progression occurs when there is a significant reduction in complexity. Such complexity reductions coincide with rapid deployment of innovation and large capital investment. Given today's economic theater and the “what's next” scenario such modern day rapid deployment would equate to mega-projects, large capital investment, and the creation of new generations of knowledge-based banking synthetics.

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