A PDF bus stop introduction in plain language.
How do we engineer and model a 21st century type sustainable civilization progression?

A PDF on the policy required to fuel an Innovative System in plain language.
Open-data Policy for the Coexistence and Expansion of the Knowledge Economy using an Innovative System

MicroApp Framework Wizard Overview

The MicroApp Framework Wizard is easy to use and has a drag-n-drop API object driven interface and requires no language to learn. Axiological Ontology Landscapes provides an excellent governance and business organizational modeling tool for virtual textualization of landscaping distributed intelligence to systems that know.

There are methods to use the MicroApp Framework Wizard for creating Axiological Resource Descriptive Frameworks making for Rapid Deployment.
  • Content plug-n-play
    • Disseminate the Systemic and Extrinsic value sets that make up the Axiological Resource Descriptive Frameworks directly from your Content.
  • Create from scratch
    • Manually define the Systemic and Extrinsic value sets that make up the Axiological Resource Descriptive Frameworks.

Use the MicroApp Framework Wizard to modify the Axiological Resource Descriptive Framework once it has been created. All structures are dynamically created if they do not exists and updated if changed.

The process is simple and much like loading a video file into a video player. The reasoning for the Qaaba engineering is the same; why send a player embedded within every video presentation when separating the standard functionality of a player from the data that contains the images is more efficient. Similar to the video delivery mechanism such design makes for a better delivery solution for knowledge production as well. Therefore, Qaaba users simply download and install the free Qaaba Inference Engine from the Vikipedia on all desired PCs like you would a video player. Then, like a video file selection from its content description you may choose one or more ARDF(s) from the Vikipedia portal for download into your framework repository. Once downloaded popup the Qaaba desktop from the PC icon-tray and select the desired ARDF from your framework repository. This coupling completes the software application.

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