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How do we engineer and model a 21st century type sustainable civilization progression?

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Open-data Policy for the Coexistence and Expansion of the Knowledge Economy using an Innovative System

Rollout Community Server Overview

Our Innovative System is also available as a downloadable product referred to as a Rollout Community Server for client country systems. The dynamics provides a country system for rapid deployment of a drag-n-drop open government initiative. Such delivery mechanism provides for rapid deployment and absorption of knowledge-based driven information systems in local and regional territories where communications infrastructures exists. The following are the essential software components and benefits that makeup our Rollout Community Servers for country systems.

  • The Qaaba creates a unified working method among and between governance, institutions, and enterprise.
  • The Vikipedia (Virtual Information Knowledge Interface) is the software solution for bringing together knowledge societies that will enterprise your expansion from the open-data initiative into becoming a candidate for the global knowledge economy trade.
  • The k-Commerce software solution for launching a new knowledge-based electronic currency with account management via mobile and online transaction processing.

Rollout Community Servers provides our subscribers with rapid deployment of governance, economic, education, healthcare, and judicial, as well as, a full range of free market product and services. Thus, our goal is to help client countries meet the challenges of a civilization progression and potentials for global recognition in the knowledge economy.

What We Offer

We are a Network Mechanism supplier of an Innovative System for the knowledge economy. Our Innovative System is made up of three components which are technology, value theory, and models.

We provide a Three Pillar Strategy that Strengthens, Capitalizes and Innovates client countries as building blocks for the Knowledge Economy Trade.