A PDF bus stop introduction in plain language.
How do we engineer and model a 21st century type sustainable civilization progression?

A PDF on the policy required to fuel an Innovative System in plain language.
Open-data Policy for the Coexistence and Expansion of the Knowledge Economy using an Innovative System

Qaaba Inference Engine Overview

The Qaaba promises a whole new experience in the way people interact with computers. Qaaba works by applying Axiological Algorithms and 3D Spatial Environment rules to Objects. Content Aware Objects makes for a user friendly and declarative Rapid Deployment of any knowledge-based application.

Asymptotic Background

The Qaaba is not background independent, but inertly dependent on a Asymptotic Background. The Asymptotic Background supports an Axiological continuum loop for Systemic, Extrinsic, and Intrinsic values sets within the environment of the model. In value theory this background is Axiological Psychology and in philosophy this background is referred to as “Ontology”, while many physicist refer to this background as “Landscape”.

Axiological Ontology Frameworks

This Axiological Ontology Landscape example depicts a Social and Economic Model. The Axiological Ontology Landscape is inertly modeled by Persistent and Class Properties of Quantum String Theory that intelligently differentiates Content Objects elementally by applying Axioms as Unifiers to Potentialize a unstructured Super Symmetry process within an environment of structured asymptotic influences.
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