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How do we engineer and model a 21st century type sustainable civilization progression?

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Open-data Policy for the Coexistence and Expansion of the Knowledge Economy using an Innovative System

Asymptotic Design Overview

Qaaba has three distinct differences that seperates it from the modern application design.

The first distinct difference is that Qaaba is among the first information systems to be constructed from a virtual model. Asymptotic analysis is pure mathematics which is the core mechanization behind Quantum Modeling as the methodology to describe limiting behavior. Quantum Modeling is a virtual continuum realized by asymptotic geometry and transfinite math and is best understood as the convergence of the asymptotic tetracomb and asymptotic tesseractic number sets.

The second distinct difference is modern systems are comprised of two parts - executable code and database. Qaaba has a three part architecture - the ARDF, Engine, and Containers. A change in one does not demand an update in the other.

Change and the ability to implement change is but one important component to surviving a responsive competitive edge in this millennium. Systems must disseminate content, forward and backward, without structured processes.

What We Offer

We are a Network Mechanism supplier of an Innovative System for the knowledge economy. Our Innovative System is made up of three components which are technology, value theory, and models.

We provide a Three Pillar Strategy that Strengthens, Capitalizes, and Innovates client countries as building blocks for the Knowledge Economy Trade.